Package monitoring-plugins-cyconet in unstable (2.20140502~1.gbp2a82d2)

Plugins for nagios compatible monitoring systems This package provides various plugins for Nagios compatible monitoring systems like Nagios and Icinga. It contains the following plugins: * check_bgp (0.4): plugin to check BGP peer status via SNMP. * check_file: plugin to check file count, size and ages * check_openvpn (20130904): plugin to check if an OpenVPN server runs on a given port * check_phpfpm_status (0.9): plugin to check the fpm-status page report from php-fpm * check_tftp (0.11): plugin that verifies TFTP server is working. * check_tomcat (1.4): plugin to check the tomcat status page. Some scripts and binaries need more packages installed to work, which is implemented as recommends.

Jan Wagner <>
amd64, i386