Package elasticsearch-curator in unstable (1.0.1~dev20140606-1)

Tending your time-series indices in Elasticsearch Have time-series indices in Elasticsearch? This is the tool for you! There are two branches for development - `master` and `0.6`. Master branch is used to track all the changes for Elasticsearch 1.0 and beyond whereas 0.6 tracks Elasticsearch 0.90 and the corresponding `elasticsearch-py` version. Releases with major version 1 (1.X.Y) are to be used with Elasticsearch 1.0 and later, 0.6 releases are meant to work with Elasticsearch 0.90.X. This package contains the master branch and should be used with Elasticsearch 1.0.

python (>= 2.7), python (<< 2.8), python-elasticsearch, python-pkg-resources
Jan Wagner <>