Package virt-manager in squeeze-backports (0.8.7-1~bpo60+1)

desktop application for managing virtual machines It presents a summary view of running domains and their live performance & resource utilization statistics. A detailed view presents graphs showing performance & utilization over time. Ultimately it will allow creation of new domains, and configuration & adjustment of a domain's resource allocation & virtual hardware. Finally an embedded VNC client viewer presents a full graphical console to the guest domain. NOTE: the GUI is still considered experimental.

gconf2 (>= 2.28.1-2), python, python-support (>= 0.90.0), python-gtk2, python-glade2, python-gnome2, python-dbus, python-urlgrabber, python-vte, librsvg2-common, python-libvirt (>= 0.7.1), virtinst (>= 0.500.6), python-gtk-vnc (>= 0.3.8), python-ipy (>= 0.70)
Debian Libvirt Maintainers <>