Package monitoring-plugins-cyconet in restricted (12.20180319)

Plugins for nagios compatible monitoring systems This package provides various plugins for Nagios compatible monitoring systems like Nagios and Icinga. It contains the following plugins: * check_bgp (0.4): plugin to check BGP peer status via SNMP. * check_file: plugin to check file count, size and ages * check_ipsec (2.0): plugin checking ipsec connections from open- or stongswan * check_mysql_slave (0.1.1): plugin that connects to a mysql replication slave and checks its status * check_nginx_status (0.20): plugin checking the nginx_status page report from nginx Tracking Active connections processes, request per second, connections per seconds, Connections status. * check_nwc_health (5.12): This plugin checks the hardware health and interface metrics of network components like switches and routers. * check_openvpn (20160803): plugin to check if an OpenVPN server runs on a given port * check_phpfpm_status (1.1): plugin to check the fpm-status page report from php-fpm * check_redis (0.72): plugin that verifies redis server is working. * check_sentinel (0b8e0e3): plugin to monitor Redis sentinel * check_sieve (1.02): plugin checking for a running Sieve daemon Check SIEVE connections as per rfc 5804 for Nagios * check_smart: plugin to check SMART status of ATA/SCSI disks * check_ssl_cert (1.37.0): plugin checking an X.509 certificate - checks if the server is running and delivers a valid certificate - checks if the CA matches a given pattern - checks the validity * check_tftp (0.11): plugin that verifies TFTP server is working. * check_tomcat (1.4): plugin to check the tomcat status page. Some scripts and binaries need more packages installed to work, which is implemented as recommends.

Jan Wagner <>
amd64, i386