Package amavisd-new in wheezy-backports (1:2.9.0-1~bpo70+1)

Interface between MTA and virus scanner/content filters AMaViSd-new is a script that interfaces a mail transport agent (MTA) with zero or more virus scanners, and spamassassin (optional). It supports all common virus scanners (more than 20 different AVs), with direct talk-to-daemon support for ClamAV, OpenAntiVirus, Trophie, AVG, f-prot, and Sophos AVs. AMaViSd-new supports all MTAs through its generic SMTP/LMTP filter mode (ideal for postfix and exim). It is faster and safer to use the SMTP/LMTP filter mode than using the AMaViS pipe client. It supports sendmail milter through the amavisd-new-milter package.

adduser (>= 3.34), debconf | debconf-2.0, file, libarchive-tar-perl, libarchive-zip-perl (>= 1.14), libberkeleydb-perl, libconvert-tnef-perl (>= 0.06), libconvert-uulib-perl (>= 1.0.5), libdigest-md5-perl, libio-stringy-perl, libmail-dkim-perl, libmailtools-perl (>= 1.58), libmime-base64-perl, libmime-tools-perl, libnet-server-perl, libtime-hires-perl, libunix-syslog-perl, pax, perl (>= 5.10.1) | libcompress-raw-zlib-perl (>= 2.017), perl
Brian May <>